The Bell in Ticehurst, bedroom ceiling




01 about

We are a vegan interior design practice, 

with over 20 years in the design industry.  Our experience covers, retail environments, cafe's, hotels, sculptures, hostels

and community spaces.

Creative Director, Emily Turnbull has not eaten meat for 32 years (vegan for the past 7 years)

and is a member of the Vegan Design Council and the first vegan interior design company in the UK

Links to all interviews by various newspapers and design magazines for the past 4 years in the blog! 

If you'd like to know more about creating an ethically designed store, home, showroom, exhibition space or anything else, get in touch.


02 portfolio


03 clients

Lavenham, London

Fred Perry - Worldwide

The Waiting Room - Colchester

PLATF9RM, Brighton - with We Like Today

The Bell Inn, Ticehurst - with We Like Today

The Natural Kitchen, Marylebone High St

The Den (Vegan Cafe), Colchester

Battered (Vegan Food Trailer)

Plus many more...


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